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Midlife Transformation Coach | Unlock Your Potential at 40+

Unlock Your Potential: Strengths, Goals, Systems, and Accountability with Heather Pettey

Heather Pettey

"I get to be the mirror that reflects back the immense gifts and capabilities each of you already possesses. By helping identify your unique talents, implementing practical systems, and co-creating an empowering roadmap, I witness the most profound transformation.


There's nothing more rewarding than seeing the spark reignite in a woman's eyes during one of those powerful 'aha' moments when she realizes, 'I've had the answers all along. I can absolutely do this!' That's when true metamorphosis begins to take shape and lives shift in incredible ways.


As your coach, I simply hold the space for you to rediscover your brilliance."

Heather Pettey

Life Coach BFF Show with Heather Pettey

Deer in Headlights

Hey friend, I know this whole midlife, parenting teens, and empty nesting thing can feel like a total mind trip sometimes.


One minute you're changing diapers and shuttling kids to soccer practice, the next you're staring at an empty nest or future desolate space wondering "What's next for me?"

Private Coaching

I get where you are going through this crazy midlife transition.


 Believe me, I've been there myself - staring at a half empty nest one day and wondering "What's next for me?" after years of my sole focus on being a mom.

Through our work together, I'll guide you to get crystal clear on your core values, innate strengths, and what truly lights you up deep down. Because that's the path to living aligned with your authentic self - not who you think you "should" be. And let me tell you, that's when the magic happens.


Prepare to be inspired like never before by Heather Pettey - a dynamic speaker who helps midlife women reignite their passion for life and embrace this journey with confidence and purpose. Through captivating stories and raw personal experiences, Heather will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that leaves you feeling deeply understood and empowered to unlock your most vibrant, authentic self.• Relatable voice addressing unique struggles of modern women (raising teens, empty nesting, hormone changes)
• Embodies the power of self-discovery, courage and profound faith
• Recounts the harrowing night that sparked an extraordinary journey of transformation
• One act of kindness propelled her into national media, writing a bestseller, and more
• Proves the ripple effect of choosing courage over fear to unearth inner strength
• Inspires others to embrace the unknown and stay open to life's possibilities
• Provides humor, wisdom and strategies to thrive (purpose, rewriting limiting beliefs)
• A catalyst for light-bulb moments that reignite passion, self-worth and possibility
• Leaves audiences uplifted, motivated and excited to live life to the fullest

Course & Retreat

Midlife can be an exhilarating yet daunting transition, filled with new challenges and opportunities for growth. That's why Heather Pettey, renowned midlife transformation coach, has joined forces with Dr. Carol Lynn, an esteemed OBGYN and menopause specialist, to create an unparalleled support system for women navigating this profound life stage.


Together, they've launched an exclusive private Facebook group called @MidlifeMoxie, a judgment-free space where you can connect with a vibrant community of like-minded women. Here, you'll find weekly discussions led by Heather, Dr. Lynn, and other esteemed experts, covering every aspect of the midlife journey.


But their collaboration doesn't stop there. Heather and Dr. Lynn have also curated a comprehensive 6-week online course designed to be your ultimate companion in not just surviving but thriving during midlife. This transformative program provides in-depth lessons and actionable strategies across crucial areas.


Featured In

Driving on Road

Heather's Journey

Using personal transformation to inspire others

Heather is a certified professional coach, author, sought-after speaker, and host of the top 2% globally ranked "Life Coach BFF Show" podcast. With her dynamic presence and expertise in personal growth, she empowers individuals through personalized coaching, captivating written works, and engaging speaking engagements.



"A good laugh is a mega boost for your happy hormones. It's like an instant soul recharge! Not to mention how it strengthens your relationships by creating priceless shared moments of pure joy."

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Success Stories

Heather talks about topics I would talk about with my closest friends on any given day. Encouraging and fun to listen to as I'm going about my routine. So thankful for you, Heather- very relatable and applicable to the stage of life I'm in!


I just wanted to tell you how wonderful today's coaching session was... just the stories and honesty, and the fact we're not alone.


Thanks to our coaching sessions, I feeling more confident and less anxious than I have since childhood. I've also found listening to your podcast between sessions to be beneficial when I feel stressed or need to be encouraged. Thanks so much!

Julie T.

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