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Elevate: Advanced Interview Techniques, Dynamic Public Speaking, and Social Etiquette for Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, and Young Adults.

Heather has a unique coaching style crafted for women navigating the challenges of changing seasons, parenting teens, and kids transitioning into young adulthood.

In her biweekly sessions, she creates a space for discussions about successes and areas for improvement in your life. Renowned for her expertise in goal-setting, Heather will guide you in systemizing your daily routine, ensuring focus and progress. Additionally, she excels in helping you simplify across all areas, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters.

In 2024, Heather is addressing compelling topics related to significant life changes, our positioning in life, and thriving regardless of age or season.


Heather will help you:

•Unlock the Reasons Behind

Why Your Current Life Situation Is Exactly Where You're Meant to Be

•Build Your Fire in the Rain: Finding Courage Amid Life's Challenges

How to Put Faith Over Fear and Do It Scared

Topic for students and schools:
•Understanding that You're Positioned for a Reason and Embracing Your Unique Purpose

Practical Steps to Prepare for Fulfilling Your Purpose

Embark on a collaboration with Heather! She thrives on partnerships with individuals and brands that bring value to her community. While she's discerning in her choices, if our values align, she welcomes the opportunity to explore a fantastic partnership. Let's kick off the process!

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