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Why I started a podcast at almost 50...

I quickly realized that moms thrive in connection and community. 

I'm just like you. My story is simple and yet complex. It's a sequence of saying goodbye and saying hello, and sometimes simultaneously. There've been times of great contentment and joy, and periods of loneliness, both of which I was solely responsible for maintaining. (Your head is more than likely nodding yes right about now.) It has only been in the most recent of years that I've detected the common theme that helped dictate my mindset. It was my level of involvement with community during each period of change that determined fulfillment.

My mind spins thinking of how quickly the last six years have flown by in a blink. Are you feeling it too? Our family of six moved four hours from friends and loved ones after living in the same town for 19 years. When we closed the door to our farmhouse and waved goodbye to our miniature donkey, I had no idea of what was right around the corner. As a wife and mom of teens + two little ones, my life had been on a steady path for years. Then, out of what seemed like nowhere at the time, God pushed the brakes on one part and ignited the other like a rocket ship.

During this transition, I quickly realized that moms thrive in connection and community and experience higher levels of stress and anxiety when they are detached- me included! Listening to podcasts had become a recent hobby, and I saw the outreach that it provided for me and wanted to gift that same level of companionship to other women. (Click on episode #28 to hear more.) Along with BFF Susan, I started the weekly podcast, LIFE COACH BFF SHOW. There have been numerous twists and turns, but allowing myself to follow God's path for me has given me the freedom to expand my world in ways that I couldn't have even imagined! I've met women who've shown me that there are many paths you can take, and you just have to start walking on one. How are you serving and showing up? What's holding you back? We don't have to keep moving in the same direction and at the same pace - we can hop, skip, jump, or run if we want. We also have the option to just rest, because we sometimes need that too. 

Maybe, you can relate to changes and a new beginning, or maybe you're wishing for one right nowRegardless of your situation, as moms, we handle "all the things" with greater success when surrounded and supported by our people. Years ago, we would have called this form of tribe a quilting bee or ladies group who canned vegetables together. Now we're busy running to-and-fro making sure our children and young adults have every opportunity under the sky, which is not a bad thing, but we have a tendency to forget about ourselves. Neglect our needs. And this is not good, because adults need FUN and connection too, and we must find it somewhere in order to feel complete! This led me to recently launch CLUB BFF™. You can read more about the membership here, if you would like to be a part of this amazing group of women.

I know you are working hard to ensure that your teen will be successful, but I want you to thrive too. It's just as important to use this time to prepare yourself for your next season in life as it is to get your teen ready to launch! More often than not, teens will begin to withdraw from their parents around the age of 12, and it can really hurt your feelings. It doesn't have to be a soul crushing experience, if you understand the science behind the actions. Use this period to rediscover what makes you unique, allow yourself to dream, be silly again, and belly laugh as much as possible. And when the yucky days come, as they do for everyone, learn how to change your mindset, pivot, and keep plugging along! Parenting is hard. No matter how amazing the human that you are raising tends to be, parenting is still challenging! Give yourself a break. Pause and pat yourself on the back sometimes, because you're doing a great job! Parenting teens is not about perfection, it's about doing the best you can. I'm here for you, and you've got this! 

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