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Warm Up on the Beach

Is This You? 

Sometimes You Just Need a Non-Judgmental BFF to Talk Through Moments When You Feel All Alone.

I can help you make a new plan.

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Confused about your season of life, miss the relationship you had with the younger version of your now teen.

Struggle with work / life balance, and often feel frustrated at the lack of

"me time" for friendships and self growth.

Confused about finding your purpose after the kids leave the nest. 

What is a coaching session?

•We'll address your biggest hurdle and
come up with a quick action plan to help
solve it.

What do you get?

•An action plan designed to walk you through your most pressing struggle.

•Our recording with everything we lay out for you to put into action.



1/2 hour session

3 Easy Steps

1.Click the sign up link below. and check out.

2.Fill out an intake form to make our session as productive as possible.

3.You will receive 2 emails-  a confirmation email and an email with a calendar link within  24 hrs.

I'm a coach- not a therapist. Always seek the support 
of a therapist for clinical mental health issues.

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