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121 | Help Your Teen Spot the Early Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship and Recognize Red Flags with Angie Phillips

Hi friend! Welcome back to Coach BFF Show! This was not an easy conversation for this mama heart, because I could see the pain of losing a child in Angies's eyes the entire time.

I knew her message was too important not to share, but please know I struggled to hold back the tears throughout our visit. Angie points out the red flags and early warning signs of a toxic relationship along with gun safety. Learn how to spot the early warning signs of a toxic relationship and help your teen spot the early warning signs of a toxic relationship.

This is an episode you can't afford not to share with your teens. Angie's words are a gift from her to you, and hopefully they will save a precious life.

Angie Phillips is a mom to 3 kiddos and bonus mom to 3 additional loves. Their ages range from 12 to 20. Together with her husband, Aric, they embarked on a journey of blending a big, beautiful, and messy family together.

Angie Phillips on Life Coach BFF Show
Angie and daughter, Hallie Phillips

Angie has been in the technology solution space her entire career which typically is not abundant with female leadership. So, as you might have guessed, she is very passionate about lifting women up! Angie also has an extreme love of traveling and exploring new places especially cute little towns. But her favorite thing is watching her kids live their best life and supporting them in all of their passions.A year ago, Angie and Aric started a podcast called “Blended, Blessed and Always a Mess” to create a sense of community for the families going through the blended struggles. Aric and Angie are raw and real about the highs and lows of blending a family. Unfortunately, on Nov 27th, 2022, Angie and her family’s lives changed forever when her oldest, Hallie, was tragically shot and passed away peacefully on November 29th. Grabbing onto their faith and hope, they are focused on shining Hallie’s light in the midst of the darkness.

What would you do?

Your children are part of your soul.

It’s true. You want to protect them.

But sometimes you can’t, because they don’t let you in.

They don’t share the bad things going on in their romantic lives, because they don’t want you to see the worst in their partner.

You get glimpses, and you try to talk yourself out of your negative thoughts.

They love them and want your approval, so they hide the truth.

You want everything to be great for your child.

They want it to be great too, but it’s not, and they don’t know how to escape.

Their partner is manipulative and guides them to be completely dependent.

You have been


Educate early before it’s too late. Teach your kids what a toxic relationship looks like and why it’s unhealthy.

To hear more, you can listen to episode #121.

Thank you for listening- I hope this episode will be a blessing!




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