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122 |Maybe it’s Time for a Mom Reset- Hearing From a Mom Whose 16 Year Old Daughter’s Teen Tantrums

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Sextortion: What Kids and Parents Need to Know, and Hear from Moms Seeking Support!

Hi Friend! today in episode #122 on our podcast Life Coach BFF Show, we're discussing taking time for a mom reset and hearing from a mom whose 16 year old daughter’s teen tantrums are making her blood boil! We're also touching on sextortion and what to tell your teen.

*Learn in this episode of Life Coach BFF Show for moms of teens, the most common tactics used for sextortion, according to NBC investigation.

We're also hearing from a mom whose 16 year old daughter is making her blood boil, a parent whose 11 year old has been exposed to porn at a friend's home, and a disappointed teem on Valentine's Day.

Life can be challenging, Mama! Together, we can do hard things!

*Mentioned in this episode

Brian Montgomery tells the story of his son Walker, who lost his life recently due to sextortion. Video by First Baptist Church Starkville.



Thank you for your support and wonderful reviews for my book, Keep It Simple, Sarah .

Keep It Simple, Sarah contains modern day advice along with your grandmother's "nuggets." It's filled with verses, etiquette tips, and lessons that will help your teen throughout their journey into womanhood. Click here to purchase! The best way you can thank me for the free content in this episode, is to rate and review the show on Apple!

*Quick Disclaimer- Heather Pettey is a coach and not a therapist. Always seek the support of a therapist for clinical mental health issues. Hebrews 12:1

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