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152 | Brooke Romney- Etiquette and Technology with Teens; Knowledge is Power!

and Together We Can Level the Playing Field for All Kids

Brooke Romney is a guest on the podcast Life Coach BFF Show
Brooke Romney on Life Coach BFF Show

In this engaging episode of the Life Coach BFF Show, join host Heather Pettey and special guest Brooke Romney as they dive into the vital aspects of parenting teens. Discover practical strategies for instilling manners, handling technology, and building meaningful connections with your adolescents. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation that promises to empower both parents and teens alike. Tune in now for expert advice from author and leader, Brooke Romney!

Brooke Romney- Etiquette and Technology with Teens; Knowledge is Power!

Connect with Brooke on Instagram at @brookeromneywrites and explore her valuable resources at

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 Contact Host, Heather Pettey:


Heather's Bio:

Heather is a perfectly imperfect wife of 28 years to David, mom to 4 amazing humans ages 12 to 26, and lover of Jesus. She's a closet peanut M&M and Goldfish cracker consumer.

Heather is passionate about encouraging women to find joy and remain sane while parenting teens. The laughter and support happens weekly on her podcast, Life Coach BFF Show. When not podcasting or curating for CLUB BFF Mastermind (a membership for Christian moms of teens), she's coaching moms to live confidently, set clear boundaries, and learn to build their fire in the rain. Heather is also the author of Keep It Simple, Sarah: Powerful Words and Encouragement for Christian Teen Girls.

Heather has made appearances on CNN Headline News and other media. She believes life is a long line of lessons, and in her opinion, it’s all about faith and

good ol' common sense. She happily resides with her family in Memphis, TN.

*Quick Disclaimer- I'm a coach and not a therapist. Always seek the support of a therapist for clinical mental health issues.


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