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156 | Christy Wright Shares How She’s Thriving With ADHD, the Significance of God-Given Visions, and Navigating Life by Faith in an Uncertain World

Thank you for joining my conversation on Life Coach BFF Show with guest, Christy Wright. You will find insights, tips, and inspiring stories about God-given visions, thriving with ADHD, and the twist and turns in the journey we call life.

Christy Wright is a wife, mom to 3 small children, #1 National Bestselling Author, Speaker and Business Coach. She resides with her family in Franklin, TN.

Christy Wright on Life Coach BFF Show with Heather Pettey
Christy Wright

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Heather is a perfectly imperfect wife of 28 years to David, mom to 4 amazing humans ages 12 to 26, and lover of Jesus. She's a closet peanut M&M and Goldfish cracker consumer.


She is passionate about supporting and encouraging women to find joy and remain sane while transitioning into new seasons. The laughter and support happens weekly on her podcast, Life Coach BFF Show. When not podcasting, she's coaching women to live confidently, set clear boundaries, and learn to build their fire in the rain.


The mindset coach is also the author of Amazon #1 New Release and Best Seller, Keep It Simple, Sarah: Powerful Words and Encouragement for Christian Teen Girls. Heather is a seasoned expert in various realms of personal development and has dedicated her career to nurturing the growth and potential of countless teens and young adults. 

•Over two decades of experience, a life coach

 •Certified etiquette consultant since 1986

•Trained Interview skills instructor since 1996

Heather has made appearances on CNN Headline News and other media. She believes life is a long line of lessons, and in her opinion, it’s all about faith and good ol' common sense. She happily resides with her family in Memphis, TN.



*Quick Disclaimer- Heather Pettey is a certified coach and not a therapist. Always seek the support of a therapist for clinical mental health issues.



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Welcome back to the show. I'm your host, and BFF, Heather Pettey.

And I'm thrilled. You're here. You're just in time for a delightful conversation with Christy, wright. Whether Christy is talking about God telling stories or serving in the business arena, Christy loves encouraging you to step into all that God has for you. Christy is also the best storyteller.

So you are in for such a treat! Before we begin, be sure to tap the plus sign in the top right corner of your screen. So you will always be included in the fun let's get to it.

Life Coach BFF show with me, your friend Heather, because we all need a BFF to take this journey called Life With. This is a podcast for midlife women who want to remain sane and find joy while parenting teens. We're [00:01:00] living with purpose and determination to get all the goodie out of life because I believe God.

Made the goodie for his people, you and me. So hop aboard this train of intention. Come and sit on my porch and rest or pop in your earbuds and let's take a walk together. I'm just so grateful you're here.

Hi, Christy. I'm so excited to have you today. Hey, I'm so excited to be with you, Heather. It's gonna be fun. Christy, you are busy, busy, busy. You're a mom of three, a bestselling author, speaker, and business coach, which is all so inspiring.

Could you share some key moments or experiences that led you to this point in your career? You know, it's so interesting because I feel like we have this idea that, you know there's a ladder to where we want to be, whether that's success or in your job, like just climb the corporate ladder.

Like we have this idea of a ladder. And I think it was Sheryl Sandberg that said in her book, [00:02:00] lean in years ago, most career paths are not a ladder you climb or stairs that you walk up, but a jungle gym and you kind of leap from one side to the other. And I think that's a lot of my story where, you know, I'm a person of faith, Heather.

And so. So much of my story is I hope a result of just obedience where when God says, go, I go. And sometimes it makes sense. And a lot of time, honestly, it doesn't. And I see that example in scripture where God calls unlikely people to do unlikely things in unlikely places with no resources and no reasoning or explanation.

And I may not understand it, but I do want to be a person that obeys. And so you know, I've had some years where it was just a compounding effect of, A book and an amazing team and a coaching group and all these things that seem really logical. And then other years where it's very illogical where in November of 21.

My best year yet at Ramsey after being there 12 years overnight, God calls me to leave and, you know, I'm smiling now. Wow. I was not smiling at the time, by the way. But, and that was terrifying. And [00:03:00] then since then, it's like, you know, God says, go here. And God says, go there. And We love to talk about walking by faith, but actually walking by faith is super hard and super scary.

Yes. And and requires a lot of dependence and trust and daily laying it down. And so I think for me, you know, when you, when I look at like where I am today, you know, there's, there's part of you that could go, oh wow, that looks scattered, or it looks like, it's like, no, I, I know that where I am is where God wants me to be.

And if other people get it, that's so great. And if they don't, that's totally okay because I just wanna go where God wants me to go. And sometimes that makes sense and sometimes it doesn't. Oh, it makes total sense to me. And when, one day I've turned on Instagram and there you are, and you were talking about visions that you had had recently, which I have had visions.

And you're almost afraid to share that with people because they go, Whoa. I mean, So you, you don't want to appear crazy, but you know that it's real when it happens, you know that it's real. Could you [00:04:00] share some recent visions? Was this your first time to experience this or when was your first time and what were these visions and how have you acted on these and how do you plan to act?

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So first of all, I just want to hit on something you said right there, because you said something really important and I think it's a good teaching moment for your audience. This is for all of us. You said you don't want to seem crazy, which is absolutely true, but I think we need to realize that when we're talking about visions or anything.

In the faith world that we cannot see, by the way, or in the natural world, there's fear. Okay. So there's fear. Now you have a choice of which thing you're going to fear. You can fear looking crazy, which is valid because some people will think you're crazy. You might get mean comments on Instagram. If you share, you know, this is what we're talking about.

Like when you share it you can fear that because you may look crazy and people may misunderstand. So that's a very real fear. Yeah. But there's another fear. And the other fear is what's lost. If you don't share it and who's not blessed. If you don't obey [00:05:00] and who's not edified because you weren't bold.

And so either way, there's a fear involved. I can fear looking crazy and people don't understand, or I can fear missing an opportunity for God to use me in someone's life. And I have chosen over time, and this has taken time, Heather, but I've chosen to switch my fear to being more scared. of missing out on blessing someone or God using me to speak to someone, then I fear being crazy.

Either way, there's a fear involved, but I'm like, I'm going to choose this fear. I still fear being crazy, but that's not going to drive my decision. Instead, I'm going to fear. Oh, what if I miss an opportunity to speak to someone? I'll give you a great example. This is not a vision example, but more of an obedience example.

And then I'll give you some visions. The other day, this was a few weeks ago at the time of this recording. So I guess a few months ago actually. And I was launching my online store. Never done this before, never done retail, there's upfront costs, there's logistics, there's shipping, there's all these stuff.

I've already made mistakes and you know, had to learn the hard way on some things. But I'm launching the store and this was the day that I'm supposed to post about it on social media. I've got a real, you know, [00:06:00] highlighting all the different shirts and hats and all the things that me and my business manager, like this is the plan.

This is the day we're going to launch it. And I'm getting coffee. And I just feel the Lord download to me a word for people. And it was something that I have actually been walking in and, and learning from over the previous two weeks. And I just felt the Lord say to share it. And so I grabbed my phone. I recorded a really quick reel of like, here's the frustrating part.

You're in between seasons and you want to let go of the old, but you're not quite taking hold of the new. And you're not sure what to let go of. Here's what you need to let go of. You need to let go of your old way of thinking, because God is not going to bless you in the promised land with your pity party.

And I just kind of go on this. Of what I've been learning spoken to me, it's spoken to me. No amount of money can fix a broke mindset. No amount of opportunities can fix an insecure mindset. So I'm sharing this on that reel, that reel, which I posted on the day I was supposed to promote my store, which has actual costs that I need to make money, you know, for, for this upfront cost, that reel has been shared at the time of this recording 600, 000 times.[00:07:00]

Oh wow. It has been viewed. More than anything I've ever posted in my entire life, including when I was at Ramsey, which is this massive marketing machine with today's show and yes, there's something in obedience. And so I think that the Lord has trained me so much in obedience, especially in the last two years, since I've been totally free where I'm just doing literally at the whim of what he's asked me to do that.

I've just learned to fear disobedience. More than that's Christy. That is so good. I didn't mean to interrupt you, but that is so good. Well, and that was, that was really my takeaway from Ramsey where people were like, how'd you do it? How'd you do it? And I said, I quickly got affirmed it so many times that I quickly got to the place where I feared disobedience more than I feared leaving.

And I'm leaving a lot. I'm leaving all of my health insurance, my income, my salary, my work, leaving that there, my friendships, but everything going into nothing, by the way, it's not like, Oh, I'm going over here to do this. I knew, I did not know where I was going. But I feared disobedience more than I feared leaving.

And, [00:08:00] and again, it wasn't this fear of disobedience, fire and brimstone, but it was like this very real reverence for the Lord of my, my father, God, that I know he loves me. And so if he's saying to do this, it is because it's good for me. Does it feel good? Does it look good? Doesn't seem good, but I know that it must be good.

If he's called me to do it, of course, in hindsight, two years later, I couldn't be more grateful that he called me to leave with, with what I'm getting to do now starting my business. So all that to say is either way, there's a fear involved. There's either the fear of looking crazy and the fear of man, or there's the fear of disobedience, the fear of missing out on God, using the fear of the Lord.

And I think we can train ourself to choose our fear, which fear is going to drive the decision. Because fears are probably involved. As far as visions, it's been interesting. I speaking of Ramsey, I feel like things when I left. And we see this pattern in scripture again, not to get so in the Bible, but this is just such a theme here.

Visions are biblical. And I knew that they're, I knew they were biblical, but I'd never had visions that I could like at least identify that was a vision from the Lord. And so I remember it was in [00:09:00] November. So exactly two years ago at the time of this recording, it was in November of 21, God had called me to leave.

And I don't know if I'd told them yet or not. I don't think I had, but I remember I was falling asleep one night. And I hadn't gone to sleep yet, but I said, Lord, I've never had visions, but I am so scared right now. And so if you have a vision for me, I want you to give it to me. I want you to give me that vision.

And so I had a vision, like I just saw in my mind. me walking through a tunnel and no one else was in the tunnel. But me and my kids were not in the tunnel. My husband was not in the tunnel. It was just me and Jesus and he was walking with me and the tunnel was, it wasn't super, super long, but it wasn't super short.

You couldn't see the end of it and we're walking. And it's very dark and it's very enclosed and it's scary cause it's dark and you don't know where you're going. And it feels very like, you know, tight quarters, but as we walk through it, the whole time, Jesus is with me. And as we walked through it, as we walk through it.

When I get to the other side, it's wide open, like bright white, [00:10:00] wide open. And I just knew that when I left, I was going to go through a tunnel. I knew that I was going to go through this testing and wilderness season and difficulty. And I didn't know what it would look like. And I didn't know how long it would be.

And honestly, I can't tell you, like, I feel precisely when it, here's when it started. Here's when it has ended or whatever. But I feel like I went through that, but that was the first vision. And since then I've gotten so many visions. I mean, I feel like I'm. I get them and not, not every week or even every month, but I get them somewhat regularly.

And the vision is always, the vision is always so it's so powerful that, you know, it couldn't be your own thoughts. That's the best way I could describe it where it feels so powerful that it's not yours. And and it teaches you visions teach you. And if you get a vision and you don't know what it means, you can ask the Lord to, to translate it for you.

Like, what does this mean? What are you showing me about this? And he will tell you maybe right then, maybe later, but visions are really powerful. And if you don't have them, pray for them. I literally prayed and asked God and he began to give them to me. [00:11:00] Yeah, that is so relatable to me because the visions that I've had Jesus has been there with me by my side and I didn't want to leave him.

Did you feel that way? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And the visions will always. Affirm his word to you. Let me say that. I feel like I feel really compelled to say that right now. The vision will always confirm his word to you. So I had a vision. This is when I was leaving there. I had two visions on the same day. And I know again, you sound crazy, but it's fine.

I've never shared this vision publicly, but it just came to mind. So I'll share it because it's, I feel like enough time has gone by where I can share it safely. So on the day that I was leaving Ramsey or I'm sorry on the day that I was telling them, so I'd never told them I had requested a meeting, which everyone was like, what is this meeting about?

I pulled into the parking lot. And I pulled in at 815 and I didn't have to be in for staff meeting that day until 830. So I had 15 minutes and I sat in the parking lot. And as I'm in the parking spot, I'm facing the building. Now this building represents to me security relationships, my life's work. I grew up there.

I [00:12:00] was in my mid twenties. Like it represents so much. And I'm facing the building and the way the parking spot is that I, that I pulled into. And as I sat there, this is the second vision I ever had in my whole life after the tunnel vision. As I sat there and I just prayed like praying because I know I'm going in and I'm more scared than I've ever been in my life that I can remember.

And I had a vision of a fish tank and in this fish tank, I just see fish swimming and the Lord begins to speak to me. And he said, Christie, he said life in the fish tank. It is safe. Food is provided. It's predictable, but you weren't created for the fish tank. You were created for the ocean, where yes, it's more dangerous and you have to work for your own food, but you're free.

Wow. Yeah. Like I like, as I think about it, it's like. Okay. Vision confirmed his word to me that I have called you to leave this place that you've grown up, you know, which is good and right and safe at the time. And when it wasn't time, he was like, no, you're created for [00:13:00] more than this. And so anyway, but he's given me, he's given me visions.

I shared one recently about even my son's autism diagnosis and he gave me a vision around that. Like visions are so. It's like you will see something in your mind and the more that you do it, the more you readily, you recognize it where at first you're kind of like, what is that? Is it, was that a dream?

Was I asleep? But once you, it's a muscle that gets strengthened and you identify, Oh no, this is a vision from the Lord. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. And this is what I love about you too, Christy is in, when you mentioned pulling up in the, in the parking lot and you were afraid and. I mean, you could have easily said, no, I've changed my mind.

I'm not going to do this, but you are, you are not afraid to fail. And that's where I'll really, I love that about you, Christy, because so many people stay stuck because they're so afraid to fail. But I'm going to tell you one reason why I think that you're not afraid. Okay. I'm so curious. I'm going to tell you.

I know why Christy Wright is not afraid to fail. Okay. [00:14:00] So I turn on, I'm not on Instagram all the time and it sounds like I am, but you pop up there. You are. And I'm like, there's Christy. So you popped up one day. And, and I, you know, sometimes you have time to watch reels and videos and sometimes you don't and this was a moment with that.

I did not have time to sit and watch a video, but you started crying and I thought, what in the world is going on? Well, you started talking about how frustrated you were. Not being able to remember people's names and that ADHD was, it really had a hold on you at that point and you were having trouble balancing everything and Christy, I have battled that my entire life, my entire.

And so it was, that was another thing that was just so relatable to me. But when I heard that I went. This makes total sense. Now I understand Christy. Not that I study you all the time, but it just made total sense. [00:15:00] I went, this is why she is not afraid to fail because the ADHD brain where, you know, when we have ideas, we just go ahead and do it.

We don't stop and, think about it and, you know, talk to other people about it and get other people's opinions. We leave because our brains don't stop us there. Our brains are moving so quickly that other people, their brains say, whoa, don't do this. You know, they're out of protection to protect them and keep them safe.

But our brains have already moved past that point. And they don't stop us, which I think is a true gift. It keeps you from being stuck. So did you not realize before now that you had ADHD? Cause I can't imagine how frustrating that would be to have all these. Issues, which are a gift too, but they're all, they're also challenging and not understand why.

Okay. So it's so [00:16:00] fascinating. This whole story with ADHD, which I've not been officially diagnosed, but I might as well be because I'm textbook. So here's what's fascinating. I never, it never once crossed my mind that I had ADHD ever. And here's why, because again, at Ramsey, I had entire teams that did everything for me.

And I don't mean to sound like a diva, like, Oh, I don't do that. My job was to be the talent. And so all that I did was what I'm excellent at. I coached, I wrote, and I spoke. I'm brilliant at those things. I could do that in my sleep. I have a, I have an unfair advantage, how good I am at those things naturally, but also I've honed my craft for 15 years.

So I'm not having to do spreadsheets, details, calendars, expense reports, invoicing. I don't do anything that uses a part of my brain that is difficult for me. I literally only worked in my strengths. So what happened there was all of these structures around me, all of the support around me and the infrastructure of that massive machine and organization, plus having my [00:17:00] life planned for me 18 months in advance to the minute every lunch.

I mean, they were so excellent and planners. With that large of an organization that everything was managed, everything was managed for me. Now, I don't mean I didn't speak into it, but I was not having to juggle a bunch of very different tasks and I wasn't having to use a part of my brain that was difficult for me.

So I never knew. I never knew. I'm like, I just, I would go to work and do what I was great at wool. Fast forward to November. I, God calls me to leave and aside from the unbelievable grief of leaving my work family, my actual work, my income, my son was diagnosed with autism. Three months later, we had to let our name go because obviously we're living on savings at that point.

I hadn't started my business. My whole world was literally turned upside down and not to mention that I have no structure. No schedule. I'm now a stay at home mom, which I've never done full time stay at home mom with three kids with [00:18:00] three kids that I now know have ADHD. One has autism. I had ADHD. It was just, it was, it was, it was a zoo, Heather.

It was a zoo. So I'm then faced with. There are things going on that have been covered up by the structures and support and help that I've had, which has been wonderful. But if I'm going to function in this new reality, I need to learn these things about myself and put this in place. So that fall, my son Conley was diagnosed with ADHD and then my son Carter, he started to have some stuff going on.

And we're like, what is that? And then we find out he's ADHD. Well, then I start to look at my mom and I'm like, you are walking, talking billboards, like the missing link is me. This may explain. Why I've struggled to, to get my bearings, it explains activity, but it also struggles. It explains why I struggle with no schedule, running my own business with all these changes.

So it's really been such a learning curve over the last two years of learning this about myself and going, okay, now that I have that information. Let me put some structures in place. Let me put some schedules in place, you [00:19:00] know, because when you first leave Ramsey, you're like, I don't have to wear pants on rooms.

Like you're like, this is so great. And then you realize, you know, I need a schedule. I need an actual schedule. I need to get out of the house. I need to work in a coffee shop, not here because I'm going to get distracted by trying to rearrange, so it's just, it's just awareness I think is so powerful.

So I'm actually doing a, at the time that this is airing, I'm doing a goal setting webinar tomorrow, a live free goal setting webinar. And one of the things I'm teaching in this webinar, just for context of this conversation is what do you need to be successful? Different people need different things.

And if you don't know what you need, then you can't give yourself that. So I actually do need a schedule. I need. Like a deadline, someone asked me in one of my speaking course students, she said, I think I have ADHD. A lot of women are getting diagnosed in adulthood because in the eighties and nineties, we didn't look like little boys bouncing off the wall.

So it was missed in little girls. So a lot of adult women are like, Oh my gosh, I think that's me [00:20:00] remembering names. Stickiness everywhere, procrastinator, you know, impulsive, all these things, which there's a brilliant side because there's the creativity to it. But there's also that can be hard, especially running your own business.

So anyway I've, I've learned that I need this schedule and I need this structure. So I'm asking people, what do you need to be successful? Because now I'm going, you know, this, girl, my speaking coach class asks, Hey, I'm a lot like you and I just don't do anything. Until I have a deadline. I'm a procrastinator.

How can I plan ahead and not have a deadline? I go, you can't, you won't do it until you have the, you won't do it until the pressure. So I go, I literally write my talks. This is embarrassing to admit, but I'm just going to keep it real. I write my talks for speaking events on the plane to the event. That's how late that that's how last minute I am.

That would make someone else that would make my husband have a panic attack. He wants his like three months in advance of you is doing something with that high pressure. I thrive under pressure. I thrive. So why would I try to be anything other than how I'm wired? I actually do great under pressure. I do great with, I have to give myself deadlines, you know, I'm working on a new [00:21:00] book and I talked to mom.

And then I'm like, well, when do you, when do you want to turn it in? I go, well, you just have to give me a deadline. Because if you just say turn it in sometime, it's never going to get turned in. Just tell me, let's make something up together and then I'll hit it. You know? That was so funny because , that's my life, Christy, you definitely just laid it out.

That's my life. There's a lot of us like this. Yes. There's a lot of us, especially in this , podcast world, a lot. So how, how are you balancing home life and being an entrepreneur with ADHD? What tools have you put in place where you share? I know you're going to offer this course, which is fabulous.

I love that you're doing that. Absolutely. And this thing tomorrow is on a course. It's just a free webinar to help people kick off their year. But what it is, is it. It's helping you identify what you need. I'll give you a great example. This morning, I had on my calendar, because I like to make things tactical, like real life examples, I had on my calendar from eight to nine to write some upcoming podcast episodes.

My house assistant that works part time [00:22:00] that helps me with the kids and helps me with carpool and all these different things. She comes in around 1030. And so I had about an hour with my daughter, Mary Grace, that I had put on my calendar to write. Now that is just stupid, Heather. I cannot write when she is home.

I cannot write when Mary Grace is home. If I don't have help, she's in here a hundred times a day. Then I'm getting mad at her. I'm getting frustrated at her. I can't think I can't be creative. I can't write my stories or write my content that is setting me up to fail and be a bad mom to put on my calendar that I'm going to write when Mary Grace is here.

And I don't have help. That's unrealistic. So again, what do I need to be successful? I need to plan my writing time either not here at a coffee shop or only when Kaylee is here. That is, I'm like, Oh, I'm just unrealistic. I'll try to squeeze things. No, no, no. So we're not doing that. It's like every day that I learned something new about myself.

I try to really analyze and go worked about that or what didn't work about that or why didn't that work or why did that work and then how can we do something different and just make changes to your habits, small [00:23:00] changes, unimpressive changes that actually set you up for success. So I would rather have three hours uninterrupted at a coffee shop.

Or three hours here where Kaylee is here, where then 30 minutes here and there where Mary Grace's, I need a snack. I need a snack. I can't focus. So I think a lot of it, when we talk about balancing, I think it's understanding what you need to be successful. I need to be, have large blocks of time for my work away from here or away from the kids.

I, even with ADHD, I can't, even if they're out there being loud, I can't like, I'm just distracted. And then Mary Grace is crying. And I'm like, does Kaylee need help? You can't, especially for anyone watching. If you think you have a propensity to distraction, maybe not even ADHD, but you just tend to get distracted.

Like a lot of creatives do, then you need to literally put on blinders, whether that's at a coffee shop or somewhere else, get physically out of your, your place of distraction. For many women, the home is a place of nothing but distraction. Oh, I need to fix those blinds. Oh my [00:24:00] gosh, I got to take the trash out.

I haven't sent my Christmas. How am I supposed to work here? It's not even 5 million distractions screaming at me. I literally have to go somewhere else where I can do nothing but work. Drink coffee and work. And so understanding what you need to be successful, being really realistic with yourself I think is important.

Also this is a tactical thing, but beginning to put things on your calendar that you don't normally put on your calendar, but that absolutely need to happen for you to be successful. So another thing I'm really guilty of, this is just confessional with Heather. Here we go. Confessional. I don't eat. I'm really bad about not eating and it's just because I'm busy and distracted.

I don't want to stop the effort of make a turkey sandwich. I don't. And so I will go lots and lots and lots of days. Without eating breakfast or lunch by the time, like four o'clock hits, I'm angry. I've got a headache, my blood sugar, like I'm terrible. Why would I do that to myself? I have food right there, right there.

It's because I don't put it on my calendar. And so now that sounds silly, but I will, because I'll think to myself, [00:25:00] Oh, I'll go get one more thing done or, Oh, I've got a, you know, I have to put it on my counter. So before I went live for this interview, I had a bagel because I hadn't had anything at this morning.

And then I'm going to have lunch afterwards. I put it on your counter because if not, It won't happen. And a lot of times those simple and unimpressive as those steps are, as like obvious as they are, we don't do that. And then we don't eat. And then we try to multitask when our kids are home. We're screaming at our kids.

We're not getting our writing done. These are fixable problems. If we would be very brutally honest with ourselves about what we need to be successful, like food. And yeah, quiet space to write. It's not rocket science. It's just, we don't do it. And so I really want to help people have a good look in the mirror and go, what do you need to be successful?

And what is realistic in your life? And how can we put these structures in place so that you can actually achieve your goals? Because Craig Rochelle has a great quote on this. He says, you do not achieve your goals based on your goals that you set. You achieve them based on your systems. You will rise or [00:26:00] fall to your systems.

You will, you, you have a system for eating or not eating. You have a system for writing. It may suck. You may hit snooze 50 times in the morning, but that's your system. You have a system for getting up. Your system sucks, but you have one. So we all have systems. And so we need to change our systems if we want to change the results.

And so I want to help people have bet a better look in the mirror to know what systems do I need so that then we can achieve our goals. Cause the goals doesn't matter what goals you write on a sticky note or a vision board, the system to achieve it. You're not going to. Yeah. I love that you're offering this.

And so what else do you have planned? You serve women so well. I feel like you're serving men now too. Do you? Yeah. Yeah. Yes. I feel like they've always been there. I've just, I've just not really spoken to them now. I'm just not excluding them, I guess. They just show up. So what are your plans for the future?

Well, I'm super, thank you for asking. I'm super excited because I'm getting back into business this year. What I mean by that is business [00:27:00] coaching. And so, you know, I had the business boutique brand with Ramsey and that all stayed with Ramsey and got retired, which was very sad. Goodbye business, be T. But now after a little break with being home with my kids and dealing with, you know, these different diagnoses and having a season of rest and building my own business.

Now I'm really excited to get back into coaching and training and encouraging people in business. Because I think that's something I'm really uniquely gifted to do. I have a I have a style where I take complex, overwhelming concepts and make them really simple cookies on the bottom shelf, like, you know, like just really simple, tactical things that actually help people.

folks. Build their business. And so I've started a new business podcast, business bootcamp with Chrissy, right? And so it's just fun to get back into business from the podcasting side. I've got, you know, courses I launched last fall, but I'll have more courses coming out this year, but just continuing to help people in speaking and presenting, but also helping them in their building and their business.

Cause that's what they've been asking for. And I just needed a little break, but now we're back to it. Now we're back to business. That's fantastic. I'm excited for [00:28:00] you. That's fantastic. You have had so much growth since you left Ramsey. In what area have you grown the most?

Okay. This is a great question. By the way. I Went through, I'll start with an example in a story because I feel like it's something the Lord told me. This was probably a year after leaving Ramsey, I felt like that when I needed something needed an answer, a solution, a paycheck, a provision, anything, a decision, I never had it till the very last minute.

And I'm not talking about the ADHD procrastinating, like where I put this on myself. I mean, like I would pray about it, plan on it, work on it, write on it, try all the things. And I just, I just didn't have it until the very last minute. And then always at the very last minute, God would come through. The door would be opened, a phone call would happen, the check would come in, an opportunity would come in, the decision, the direction, the clarity, the vision, the like, this is, this is a definitive yes or no, but it was always last minute and it was really unnerving to me, you know, because I'm type A, I'm a go getter, I am a planner, I'm a control [00:29:00] freak, I'm an Enneagram eight challenger and I come from Ramsey, which again, they are excellent.

At planning, budgeting, excellence at everything, like planning way ahead and we, you know, managing things down to the detail. And so one day I was driving in my car. I can remember it as clear as day. I was driving down Cloverland Road over here in Brentwood. And I was just frustrated in my car. I can't remember what it was.

I was so frustrated. I think I'd actually just gotten an answer, but it was so last minute. And I was like, Lord, I was like, what is going on? I was like, you just. You're giving me what I need, but you're giving it to me. So last minute, like it's making me a nervous wreck. What is going on? And he said so clear, Heather, he spoke to me, said, you know how to plan.

You have 12 years of training and planning. I don't need to teach you how to plan. You know how to plan. You need to learn to walk by. Wow. You need to learn to walk by faith. So when you say, and that was probably, you know, a year and a half ago when you say, Christy, what have you grown the most in walking by faith Heather, but let me tell you, it's still hard.

I'd love to say, Oh, it's so easy. I have no idea how my life's going to [00:30:00] turn out and I'm great with it. No, I'm not. It's, it's excruciating. It's excruciating. And you know, this morning, even just being really super transparent this morning, I woke up. And I woke up at like 4 55 and I just felt this, like, this is going to sound all weird, but that's fine.

It's just, I don't know how to describe it. It felt like there was this spirit over me or a shadow over me, a fear specifically fear about money. And it was like, we're in my money. Like, I'm fine. Like, I'm fine. So I don't even know where it's coming from, but it's this irrational, like worry about three months from now and worry about bills three months from now.

Like it was this spirit, it felt like an assault from the outside. It did not feel like it was from me. It wasn't like, Oh, I got a bill and I was stressed about it. Like that would be a logical response. There was nothing I woke up and it was like this oppressive fear. So I came upstairs to have my quiet time and my devotional for the day, of course, just spoke directly to me of God is faithful.

And, you know, they didn't use an example of a checkbook. Like it's God's checkbook and like all this stuff where it's like the Lord speaks directly to you. But as I sat there, I just really felt the [00:31:00] Lord impress upon me to go read about the manna in Exodus. So open up Exodus and I read about the manna and I believe it's verse four that says after the Lord has given the instructions to Moses and tell them gather what they need for each day, nothing more, but manna rained from heaven.

So the, the impression is that there was an excess each day. Where they could have gathered more, but he instructed them, do not gather more than you need for each day for each day, you will have, you'll have men except for the sixth day you gather for Sabbath. And it said in verse four, in this way, he tested them.

He tested them to see if they would walk by faith. He tested them to see if they would follow, if they would obey, if they would follow his instructions of I'm giving you enough for today, but I will also, you, you're trusting I'm going to give you tomorrow's. And I read that and I was just like, man, that feels so accurate to this last two years where I have things I could do.

To create more margin, more security for myself. And the Lord has said no to keep me in this place of like feeling a little [00:32:00] squeezed, feeling more uncomfortable than I want to be, honestly. And I looked over the corner of my eye and our Christmas trees over in the corner, and there's three wrapped presents under it.

And then there are three advent calendars for my kids that will open up on the 30th of or at the time of this recording on the 30th of November for December 1st through 24th. And the four, three different advent calendars with little like things in there, you know, for the kids. And he was like, look at the advent calendars.

And I looked and he goes, why don't you want them to open all the boxes on one day? And I said, cause I want to, I want them to enjoy it. I want them to enjoy it every day. And I want, I want to enjoy watching them open every day. He said, yeah, I want to enjoy you trusting me every day when I provide for you.

Oh wow. Christie. Yeah. How? So when you talk about the walking by faith. That was something I struggled with just this morning. It's an everyday thing. I would love to tell you I'm on the other side. I've arrived. It's so easy walking by faith is hard. It goes against [00:33:00] our flesh nature of controlling. It goes against the original sin in the garden of, of distrusting God, taking matters into our own hands.

We're going to wrestle against this every day of our lives, probably. And some, sometimes it might be easier than others, but I just want to, if I've grown anything, I've grown and walking my faith and it's still hard. It's still hard. We, we want, we want, we always want to control things ourselves and provide our own security.

And God says, I love you too much to let you depend on you for your security because you will fail you, but I will never fail you, but you've got to learn to walk by faith, which means not knowing the next step when you take a step, not knowing where tomorrow's manna is going to come from when I give you today's manna and you just every single day you're walking by faith and trusting that I'm going to provide for you.

And it is hard and it's also what we were created for. Yeah. It's so funny, Christy, because I had lunch with some friends the other day and I said, you know, the Bible tells us there will always be trials and tribulations, but yet when things happen, I'm always still surprised.

[00:34:00] Are you that way? Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me? Always. Oh, wait, we all do that. I know. Christy, I could talk to you all day. This has been so much fun, but before we go, I want to ask you one more question. So there are BFFs who are listening right now , and they have been hearing these God whispers.

I have a friend named Leah Key and she calls them God whispers, but they're too afraid to act on them. So what would you like to say? To these ladies who feel stuck, but they also hear these whispers. What would you like to say to encourage them? Two things of it. You don't have to feel confident to take a step.

You can be scared and still do it. I was scared out of my mind. I wish you could see how scared I was leaving Ramsey. That's an extreme example, but I'm even scared sometimes when I go on Instagram and say something, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say or not. You can feel that fear and still do it. So don't let your [00:35:00] feelings of fear disqualify you to, Oh, well, I'm scared.

I must not should do it. No, no, no, none of us. I did a podcast episode on this a long time ago, but. On my get your hopes up podcast. None of us ever get to a hundred percent in the faith life. It's faith. You were talking about a God. You can't see like, it's never a hundred percent. Sometimes I get to 70 or 80%.

I was probably 90 percent sure I was such a Lee Ramsey, but you're always like 10 percent going, did I like connect dots that aren't connected, right? Sometimes Heather, I'm 51%. I'm like barely tilting towards, I think I should do this. I'm not sure. So you don't have to feel a hundred percent confident or even 70 percent confident to take a step.

If you're feeling a whisper or a nudge or a sense, here's what I would say, follow it, take a step of faith, speak something, act on it. It's actually your actions that unlock the further confirmation. It says that in I can't remember which book of the Bible is, but it says. And he took action signs following.

We want signs to act. And God goes, Oh no, you go [00:36:00] first act. And then I will give you signs on the backend that what you did was correct. So you're actually not getting the confirmation you're looking for because you won't act. It's your actions that unlock the confirmations, the blessing, the further whispers that you're asking God for.

You're asking him for more whispers. He's like, you haven't acted on the ones I gave you. Why would I give you more? So yeah. Acting on it. And it doesn't have to be an impressive action. It doesn't have to be a Jerry Maguire, leave your job action. It could literally be just telling your friend, saying it out loud.

God tells you to send a text and you send the text. Low risk, but you've taken an action. What's interesting is God is so patient with us. He's not, he is not. I'm going to ask you to do something life altering when you've never obeyed in sending the text, he's going to build you up and strengthen in that muscle, he's going to give you training wheels, where I think it has been years of God asking me to do small acts of obedience that he knew if he asked me to walk out of my job, I would do it.

And I [00:37:00] believe that, you know, they're not all big, not all small, but I think that God knows what we can handle when we can handle it. And so if he's asking you to do something, he's expecting, he's trusting you to do it. And he's gonna, he's gonna keep bothering you about it. So you might as well do it because the Holy Spirit is persistent.

But I think there's a lot of blessing and a lot of more confirmations, more directions on the other side of your obedience and what is keeping you from it is your lack of taking a step. But delayed, I can't remember who said this delayed obedience is disobedience. Yeah. Not over that's disobedience.

You're actually are taking an action. Not doing something is an action. You're just choosing your way and your fear or fear of man over God's instruction to you. And you're putting it under the banner of, I'm not sure it's you. And he's like, no, you know what I said, you know what I said, go do it. Go do it.

That is so true. So how can we follow you? Get in touch with you? Yeah. So I'm on Instagram at Christie B. Wright, and then online [00:38:00] christiewright. com. And if you want, it's not too late to sign up if you're listening to this live or the first day it's released, it's not too late to sign up for my free webinar, five goals you need to be successful this year, which is just a free goal setting session where we'll talk about your business and your life.

And that you can join at christieright. com as well. Fantastic. That webinar sounds wonderful. Thank you, Christy. And thank you so much for your time today. I have loved every second of this. Thanks for having me. I loved it. Let's do it again. Yes. Thanks again for joining me. today. This has been so great this time with Christie. It was amazing. I just loved hearing what she had to say. My heart is so full. I hope that yours is as well. If you haven't already, please go to

iTunes, leave a review, tap those five stars. If you want to write something sweet, it makes me so happy and share this with a friend.

Remember, sharing is caring.

If you have a friend, your mom, [00:39:00] your sister, who you think would benefit from this episode, please pass it along. I love you I'm mean it. Jesus loves you even more. I can't wait to be with you again. Next time. See you. soon.

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