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156 | Christy Wright Shares How She’s Thriving With ADHD, the Significance of God-Given Visions, and Navigating Life by Faith in an Uncertain World

Thank you for joining my conversation on Life Coach BFF Show with guest, Christy Wright. You will find insights, tips, and inspiring stories about God-given visions, thriving with ADHD, and the twist and turns in the journey we call life.

Christy Wright is a wife, mom to 3 small children, #1 National Bestselling Author, Speaker and Business Coach. She resides with her family in Franklin, TN.

Christy Wright on Life Coach BFF Show with Heather Pettey
Christy Wright

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Heather's Bio:


Heather is a perfectly imperfect wife of 28 years to David, mom to 4 amazing humans ages 12 to 26, and lover of Jesus. She's a closet peanut M&M and Goldfish cracker consumer.


She is passionate about supporting and encouraging women to find joy and remain sane while transitioning into new seasons. The laughter and support happens weekly on her podcast, Life Coach BFF Show. When not podcasting, she's coaching women to live confidently, set clear boundaries, and learn to build their fire in the rain.


The mindset coach is also the author of Amazon #1 New Release and Best Seller, Keep It Simple, Sarah: Powerful Words and Encouragement for Christian Teen Girls. Heather is a seasoned expert in various realms of personal development and has dedicated her career to nurturing the growth and potential of countless teens and young adults. 

•Over two decades of experience, a life coach

•Certified etiquette consultant since 1986

•Trained Interview skills instructor since 1996

Heather has made appearances on CNN Headline News and other media. She believes life is a long line of lessons, and in her opinion, it’s all about faith and good ol' common sense. She happily resides with her family in Memphis, TN.



*Quick Disclaimer- Heather Pettey is a certified coach and not a therapist. Always seek the support of a therapist for clinical mental health issues.


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