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173 | The One Thing I Wish Women Would Stop Saying

Updated: 4 days ago

Episode #173 Life Coach BFF Show

In this episode, Heather Pettey passionately discusses the one thing she wishes women would stop saying, and how we should stop making excuses and take action on our dreams and goals. She shares practical tips to overcome fear, procrastination, and self-doubt that often hold us back from living our best lives.


- We only get one life, so we owe it to ourselves to pursue what we truly want

- Common excuses like "someone else is already doing it" or "I'm too old/don't have time" are just fears in disguise- To overcome fear, get clear on your "why", take small steps, surround yourself with support, reframe your mindset, and practice self-compassion

- Set deadlines, break big goals into manageable steps, and eliminate distractions to beat procrastination

Heather delivers a passionate call to stop making excuses and finally take action on the dreams and goals you've been putting off. With practical tips for overcoming obstacles and insightful product reviews, this is a must-listen for anyone feeling stuck and wanting to start living life on their own terms.



Summer Break Product Reviews

1. Ranger Station "Tobacco & Musk" Candle: 5 stars - masculine fragrance, unique whiskey glass container

2. Tula (Link here to view➡️) Sunscreen SPF 30 and (Link here to view➡️) Glow & Get It Eye Balm: 5 stars - great for glowing skin


3. L'Oreal Bright Reveal: 2 stars - didn't lighten dark spots despite claims

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*Quick Disclaimer- Heather Pettey is a certified coach and not a therapist. Always seek the support of a therapist for clinical mental health issues. 






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