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176 | The Best Ways to Tackle Midlife Challenges Head-On with Dr. Carol Lynn

Midlife Woman
Tackle Challenges

In episode 176 of the Life Coach BFF Show, host Heather Pettey and regular contributor Dr. Carol Lynn, OBGYN and menopause expert, dive deep into common midlife concerns that many women face but rarely discuss openly. They address a range of issues from sleep troubles to thinning hair, offering practical advice and debunking myths along the way. We're talking about the best ways to tackle midlife challenges head-on!

Key topics covered:

1. Sleep issues in midlife:   - Why falling asleep is easy but staying asleep is challenging   - The role of hormones, particularly progesterone, in sleep quality   - Tips for better sleep hygiene and breaking the 4 AM wake-up habit   - The careful use of Benadryl as a short-term sleep aid

2. Hormonal changes and their effects:   - The importance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone   - How hormone replacement therapy can address multiple symptoms   - Why it's crucial to continue prescribed treatments even when feeling better

3. Hair thinning and texture changes:   - Hormonal influences on hair loss and growth   - Recommended products like Nutrafol and Zenogen shampoo   - The importance of checking for thyroid issues and vitamin deficiencies

Throughout the episode, Heather and Dr. Lynn emphasize the importance of advocating for oneself in medical settings and not accepting dismissive answers about midlife changes being "just what happens." They encourage listeners to seek second opinions and explore hormone replacement therapy options.

The hosts also share personal anecdotes, including a humorous story about yoga etiquette, making the serious topics more relatable and lighthearted. They mention an upcoming beach retreat for listeners and invite them to join the Midlife Moxie Facebook group for more support and information.

This episode provides midlife women with valuable insights, practical solutions, and the reassurance that they're not alone in their experiences. Heather and Dr. Lynn's friendly banter and expert advice make complex medical topics accessible and actionable for listeners.


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Dr. Carol Lynn and Heather Pettey, CPC

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Shampoo for hair loss symptoms: Zenagen (shop here)

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*Quick Disclaimer- Heather Pettey is a certified coach and not a therapist. Always seek the support of a therapist for clinical mental health issues. 

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