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3 Reasons to Date Your Husband!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

1. It’s Cheaper Than Therapy- It is too easy to lose touch with each other in the craziness of everyday life. Time away gives you a chance to reconnect - not as partners or parents, but as people. 

2. You Don’t Have to Cook Dinner-Throw some chicken nuggets or a pizza in the oven for your kids and  you are home free! Date Night is my favorite thing to write on my weekly meal plan. You can finally eat those arugula-encrusted truffled brussel sprouts without comments from your tiny food critics. 

3. Guaranteed Happy Ending - Ladies, nothing makes your man feel more like a man than pleasing his woman in the bedroom. Ramp up the anticipation by promising him a birthday party. Dress up for dinner, then add some sexy lingerie to gift wrap your final outfit for the night, your birthday suit!

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