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Am I Being Too Personal?

Am I being too personal?

I got really fed up one day not too long ago.

I went into my closet, opened the drawer, and I threw my panties into a bag.

They were the same multi-pack underwear I accidentally bought 2 sizes too big at Target.

I didn't realize they were the wrong size until after I washed, put away, and slipped them on my body for the first time.

I kept them anyway.

Each and every moment I wore them, I felt frumpy and overall bad about myself.

I continued to wear them for months.

If I had made this same mistake with a clothing item for one of the LPs (Little Preciouses), I would have immediately corrected and made sure they had been replaced with the appropriate size.

Why did I not bother for myself???

We, as women, so often keep things around that don't make us feel good, and we forget to add experiences and items that could possibly lead to JOY.

Why do we do this?

We undervalue our importance, and we keep plugging along... wearing the big panties.

I recently donated the garments and replaced them with more comfortable items making me feel better about myself.

I immediately felt relieved once the decision was made.

I chose me.

What are your "too big panties" right now, and are you willing to give them away...get them out of your life? Choose you? If so, you are not the only one who is ready to make a mindset change in 2023.

Imagine if you could purge some of your old ways of thinking, and dive in with a group of Christian women who are learning together and discovering new things about themselves.

The doors are now OPEN to join CLUB BFF and will close again January 31st! Choose you!

Link below to find out more about our online membership for MOMS of TEENS!⬇️⬇️⬇️

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