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BFF Friday Cocktails - Pomegranate Bellini

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Each Friday evening Heather and I host a cocktail hour with our BFFs. We usually start around 5ish.... so come join us for a whole lot of talk about nothing with a lot of laughter! This week's drink is a Pomegranate Bellini. Get your ingredients and meet us there!

A pomegranate Bellini is so festive and easy, it’s perfect for Christmas, New Year’s or even Valentine’s Day. Ingredients

Chilled champagne glass 1 tsp pomegranate juice 5 oz chilled Prosecco 4-5 pomegranate kernels for garnish Directions Pour Pom juice in bottom of the glass. Add Prosecco and float the Pom kernels on top- Enjoy!


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