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Episode #38 Two Things We All Need

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Two Things We All Need: Myofascial Release / Pain Management with Karen Wells And A New Handbag.

•In this Life Coach BFF Show podcast episode Karen Wells shares myofascial release techniques for pain management. She is an expert who specializes in relieving chronic pain, building healthy lifestyles, and dissolving work-related stress.

Karen has a BS degree from Georgia State University, with a concentration in dance education, athletic training, and exercise science. She also treats pain & stress in midlife women.

Karen is a fitness and movement expert focusing on relieving chronic pain by conditioning the whole body, starting with the connective tissue, alignment of the bones, the nervous system, and muscles, creating a holistic approach to health and wellness.​

With more than 25 years in fitness, teaching, and dance, Karen delivers greater ease and well-being to people with chronic pain, muscle disorders, and other challenges through movement therapy that includes yoga, Melt Method, pilates, and more.

Karen works with individuals and with groups online, and she has developed the powerful “De-Stress at Your Desk” program that employers use to improve the comfort, energy, and productivity of their workers.

In addition, Karen has written fitness articles and is a national and international speaker for professional organizations, universities, Pilates studios, and international conventions.

A customized fitness + wellness program tailored to meet your needs towards living a more youthful and energetic life. During a our sessions, the goal is to facilitate movement with ease, injury prevention, readiness for exercise, and experience REAL REJUVENATION.

Our Services are for

Individuals, Groups, and Employers

Individuals and groups can train with Karen via Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook orSkype. She offers one-on-one sessions every day to people all over the world. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone.

To set up an appointment, contact KarenWells at or call her at

(678) 665-9088. Ask about her specials when you contact her!

•Heather shares her favorite new crossbody handbag made by Hammitt!

•Question from a listener... the mystery of the "southern drawl" is solved. Home is the Mississippi delta!

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