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"I bought this for my granddaughter. It reminded me of my daughter, who took sticky-notes with positive quotes and stuck them all around her mirror in the bathroom. That way she could see them every morning when she looked in the mirror. I'll probably share that with my granddaughter. Everyone needs positive encouragements in this world we live in." Cadence

My daughter and I loved this book. Simple phrases and words of wisdom that we all need in life for reminders on how to live. It is a quick read filled with fun pics. It will leave you smiling! Great idea for graduation gifts or just a little happie for a teen. Such an uplifting book!

"My Daughter and I read this book together. This was such a sweet and cute read."

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Are you stressing over the number of likes you're getting on social media? Do worries of the future keep you 'wound up' and make you tense with fear? Maybe, you're finding yourself 'on edge' and unable to relax? Whatever thoughts are robbing you of joy need to vanish! It's time to change your mindset and fill your head and heart with POWERFUL words that inspire and encourage you to let your light SHINE.

The world is constantly sending mixed messages to you causing self-doubt and anxiety. The lines of what it means to be successful are blurry and overcomplicated. You are not only trying to keep up with the pressures of friendship, school and home-life, but also social media, which has taken survival to a whole new level. This faith inspired book is thoughtfully designed to encourage and empower you to let go of your worldly expectations and live boldly and freely .

Keep It Simple, Sarah is a collection of both modern day advice and your grandmother's "nuggets" to aid in living a more grounded life. Each topic will help you simplify and bring clarity to what's really important: faith, family, and self-growth. This simple guide will feed your mind with verses, etiquette reminders, life lessons, and be a companion to help you navigate your journey into womanhood.

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