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126 | Summer Prep Series: 6 Ways to Get Organized For Summer- Day 1 Busy Mom's Prep for Summer

Updated: May 5

Hey Friend, welcome back to the podcast Life Coach BFF Show! We are getting a head start on summer prep, so we can plan to win and meet all of our summer expectations.

Life Coach BFF Show Episode 126 Busy Mom's Prep for Summer

Today, in part 1, you will learn 6 things we need to accomplish to get started on our busy mom's prep for summer.

Listen closely for your assignment #1.

I'm so excited to enjoy this process with you, and I hope you will post about your own summer prep in our private Facebook group, @WeAreYourBFFS .

Everything is more fun when we do it together, and we all want this to be the best summer EVER! In order for this to happen, we have to be proactive and plan.

Mentioned in this episode: Large Desk Calendar

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