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#54 Day 2 of FABULOUS FEBRUARY- "How Do You See Yourself?"

Hey BFF! Please join me in posting your JOY PICS here! It can be of anything that brings you JOY

and that you would like to share with the group. This is a picture of a tow boat on Lake Ferguson

in Greenville, MS. Greenville is deep in the MS Delta, and it's also whee I call home. If I was

Taylor Swift, I would write a song about it, and probably mention a young man or two. Here's a

few facts:

Lake Ferguson is an oxbow located in Washington County. The Mississippi River stays connected to the lake year round and provides great fishing opportunities for many different species of fish. Size varies depending on water level, but normally the lake is around 1,400 acres.

In today's Day 3 Podcast Episode of Fabulous Friday, I read an excerpt from Melissa Horvath's

and we dive into how we see ourselves.

verses how we SHOULD see ourselves. We also touched on

how feeling GRATEFUL can

completely change our mindset, no matter what the situation.

It's not only the big things that

cause our hearts to swell... it can be the tiny things too.

Link below to listen to this episode and hear why Lake Ferguson is my choice for today's JOY PIC.

I can't wait to see yours!

I love you, and I'm always cheering for you! Hope you have the best day ever!

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