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#36 Today Show Contributor and Cookbook Author Elizabeth Heiskell

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Podcast Episode #36 is all about getting to know Today Show food contributor and cookbook author, Elizabeth Heiskell. She is exactly the person that you would think she would be: warm, bubbly, and just a GREAT time! Y'all go buy her latest cookbook, "Come on Over!" We will be talking more about it and her fabulous recipes in the weeks to come. Don't miss out!

•Elizabeth shares what it was like the first time on the Today Show.

•She tells what prompted her to write a cookbook and how she went about the process.

*Elizabeth shares her experiences growing up with food, family, and friends being a huge focus in her Mississippi Delta upbringing.

•Our sweet new friend explains why you should just start... whatever it is ...START!

Listen wherever you get your podcasts!

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