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Why eat an orange in the shower?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I mulled over the issue of eating an orange in the shower for several days, and I just couldn't decide. The idea was a good distraction at times from the little's homework and covid news. Do I try it, or do I brush it off as a silly trend? Then I saw where Kelly Ripa had her vitamin C experience, and I knew I had to be next! Shower oranges are a thing now... were you aware? People swear that eating the fruit while showering makes the orange taste better. It is supposed to enlighten your senses, and I am all about that!!! I have to admit that in almost 50 years, I've never eaten in the shower before now. This is what I learned:

  1. I focused more on the taste of the orange than I normally do. I am usually peeling and eating while rushing around or driving... kidding...not driving. Just multitasking, as all of you do! I would almost say that it tasted better than normal, but was it just a really good orange?

  2. The steam from the shower did seem to illuminate the fragrance of the orange. That was a nice addition to my alone time- almost like having a candle in the shower.

  3. The peel on the drain (also part of the orange shower experience) did nothing! Nada! I guess you could add a squat when you pick it up after, which would count as exercise.

CONCLUSION... I'm not going to say that I won't ever do this again, as we all know how that goes. As soon as I say it.... well, you know...


Please comment below, if you too have hopped on board this current craze. Would love to know what you thought about such an important topic.

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