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120 | Your Body Changes After 40; TIPS to Stop the Middle Age Spread With Dr. Jennifer Singh

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

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Hi Friend! Today, on Life Coach BFF Show, we are chatting with Dr. Jennifer Singh. She's a doctor, wannabe-chef, wife and mom who is passionate about sharing the power of a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle. Board-certified in Lifestyle Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, she is well-acquainted with the dismal health results of the Standard American


She uses her medical knowledge, cooking skills, and fifteen years of professional teaching & lecturing experience in medical education to teach groups of all sizes and backgrounds about the life- changing power of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle. By providing knowledge and support to help clients change their habits, she continues to be amazed by the health results that people can achieve.

Thank you for listening to our podcast for women, moms teens, and Christian women.

I hope this episode blesses you.



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